Friday, 22 January 2016


Craig Y Llyn
600m asl  grig ref. SN907 032    IO81FR

16th January 2016

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Friday, 8 January 2016

GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog

GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog
802m asl
Grid ref. SN825 218

As I arrived at the parking area at SN852 217 it was raining heavily and the mountain was completely obscured by cloud.  I could see that the streams were in full flood and I would have to ditch the walking boots in favor of wellies.  By the time I had sorted out my kit the rain had stooped and a large rainbow had formed to the west. 

The first leg of my route was to take me to SN832 213 Llyn Y Fan Fawr, around 2.3K to the west but to get there I had to cross several streams and some very boggy ground.  I was soon clear that the wellies had been a wise choice as the route was even worse than I had expected.
I arrived at the lake in around 45 minutes and took a short breather before the ascent to the summit.

From the lake the path to the summit climbs steeply to the north east and has been improved greatly over the past few years.  By the time I reached 700m I was into the cloud and visibility reduces drastically.

After arriving at the summit I made myself comfortable in the shelter and set up for my activation on 2m,  WX wasn't the best so I kept it fairly short and with 13 contacts in the log it suddenly went very quiet. Stuck it out for another 10 minutes but with no takers i decided to pull the plug and begin the trek back to the car. Many thanks to all the stations I worked.  73  Mal (GW6OVD)

Date:08/Jan/2016 Summit:GW/SW-003 (Fan Brycheiniog) Call Used:GW6OVD/P 
13:26zGW0PLP144MHzFMDon 5/5
13:29z2W0JMK144MHzFMMark 5/9
13:32zM1MST/M144MHzFMClive 5/9
13:34zM0JLA144MHzFMROD 4/1
13:35zGW0RWM144MHzFMRichard 5/9
13:36zM0NTC144MHzFMJez 4/1
13:38zGW6DGU144MHzFMRoy 5/9
13:42zGC0SYG144MHzFMJim 5/3
13:43zGW0WGN144MHzFMJim 5/3
13:45zGW1CLH144MHzFMPaul 5/9
13:46zG7HEM144MHzFMMike 4/1
13:51zGW1BXX144MHzFMAdrian 5/9
13:55zG0RQL144MHzFMDon 5/9