Sunday, 12 February 2012

GW/SW - 004

GW/SW 004 12/02/12. -Waun Rydd 
Height 769 M / 2523 ft
Grid reference SO 062206

Arriving at the car park at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday 12th February 2012 where the temperature was +3 degrees C. The group consisted of Mal (GW6 OVD), Phil (MW0 PJJ) & Andy (GW7 RKC)  and we headed towards the summit taking once again breathtaking views along the route. The start of the walk passes a natural waterfall.

Visibility started to decrease as the mist increased as we climbed (please note that the photograph we taken on the descent)

The map on the right was the walk mapped by Andy using a GPS overlay on OS mapping software.

The first 45 minutes of the walk you climb a step path. This then starts to become a gradual rise to the summit ( top photographs) but was made difficult with the snow and ice under foot in places.

The cloud cover made visibility of the area that we were walking very difficult but the paths were clearly defined for most of the journey until some of the area had deep snow.

On arrival at the summit we were surprised that there was no snow directly on the summit but worked out why quite soon as the wind picked up and the wind chill started to bite.

We quickly setup the home brew antenna designed by Mal and attached to a 10M pole and connected the kenwood checking SWR.

Using 5 watts of power contacts we made on 145.500 and then moved to 145.400 this being the frequency that we generally use for the valleys net. Taking it in turns to operate the radio as we needed to keep warm and to eat our lunch. as we only had a limited time before we had to make our return as we had under estimated how long the climb would take.

As we desended the visability improved and on the odd occasion the sun was visible the views of the mountain were fantastic.

Some of the Contacts made

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