Monday, 25 February 2013

GW/SW 009 & 015

Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) - 515m, 2 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales  
Latitude: 51 55 56 N, Longitude: 3 13 28 W
Grid Reference: SO 159267, QTH Locator: IO81JW

Mynydd Troed (GW/SW-009) - 609m, 4 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales  
Latitude: 51 57 21 N, Longitude: 3 12 54 W
Grid Reference: SO 166293, QTH Locator: IO81JW 

For this weekends activation the Aberdare Amateur Radio Society SOTA group decided to do a 'double' activation of Mynydd Troed and Mynydd Llangorse. These are situated next to each other and located in the Black Mountains region of the Brecon Beacons National Park (Approx 2 miles North East of the village of Llangorse) . Present at the activations were Mal (GW6OVD) and Andy (GW7RKC).

We set out from our start point in Aberdare at around 9.30 am. And arrived at the parking site for the summits (SO 16072 28330) at around 10:30. The final approach to this parking is by narrow country lanes which had several patches of treacherous ice caused by water runoff from nearby fields so caution is advised. Limited parking is available on both sides of the road.

View back toward car park, Mynydd Troed in distance

We wasted no time in getting our kit together and set off toward the peak of Mynydd Llangorse.

Mal on the trail to SW015
This was the lower of the two summits at 534 meters (2 points) and has a fairly steep but well defined path which made for rapid progress.

Nearing the summit, view to South East
 Weather conditions were overcast and a cool -1 degrees although fortunately dry with no rain forecast all day.

Mal operating on SW-015
We reached the summit just before 11am and found a convenient dip in the terrain which served to shelter us from the cold wind which invariably exists on peaks at this time of year. We quickly set up our groundsheets and equipment and were soon operating the station.

Business was brisk with plenty of stations calling in including summit to summit contacts from Mike (2E0YYY/P) on G/SP-004 (Shining Tor) and Barry (MW0IML/P) on GW/NW-047 (Mwdwl-eithin). By mid-day we had full log pages and being aware that we still had another summit to do we decided to pack up and make our way back to the car park. There we had some refreshments and set off toward the summit of Mynydd Troed.

The approach to this mountain starts with a gentle slope but rapidly becomes very steep and frequent breaks were required to catch our breath, steady progress was made and we arrived at the summit around 13:00 hrs.

Looking back at Mynydd Langorse (on right) from Mynydd Troed

Again we scouted around and found another dip in the terrain which would give some respite from the cold wind, without this we would have much less time to operate before we got too cold.

Operating on Mynydd Troed, a smattering of snow is visible on the ground.

Business was again brisk and we activated in no time. A particular highlight for me was a trio of summit to summit contacts with Gordon (M0OMG) on G/SP-017 (Billinge Hill),  Mike (2E0YYY/P) on G/SP-004 (Shining Tor) and  Andy (G4AFI/P) on G/WB-003 (Stiperstones).

As always we'd like to thank all the stations that helped us with our activation.

Andy - GW7RKC

View roughly South from Mynydd Troed toward Mynydd Llangorse and Llangorse Lake

My Logs for the activations

Friday, 22 February 2013


Summit Information for GW/SW-012
Coity Mountain - 581m, 2 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   
Latitude: 51 45 55 N, Longitude: 3 6 56 W
Grid Reference: SO 231080, QTH Locator: IO81KS


Saturday, 16 February 2013

GW/SW 006 & 007

Fan Gyhirych - 725m, 6 points  
Latitude: 51 51 33 N, Longitude: 3 37 35 W
Grid Reference: SN 881191, QTH Locator: IO81EU

Fan Nedd - 663m, 4 points  
Latitude: 51 51 12 N, Longitude: 3 34 46 W
Grid Reference: SN 913184, QTH Locator: IO81FU 

Our starting point for today's activation is SN 923 190 near the standing stone where the  parking is very limited.
After crossing the stile, Phil and Ian headed SW towards the summit of Fan Ned, while Andy and I headed NW, following the dry stone wall.  Its only a short walk from here until we came to main path that cuts around the base of the mountain.  After about 2k we crossed some boggy ground in the valley and headed up to the west until we met the gravel track.  This track leads almost to the summit of Fan Gyhirych and has quite a gradual climb.  As we reached SN 893 191 we left the track and headed directly for the summit, around 5k from our starting point.  
After establishing contact with Phil & Ian who had just finished setting up on Fan Nedd,  we quickly set up our station and were on air for 11.40. 
After activating the summit we set off towards Fan Nedd to meet up with Phil & Ian, and activate our second summit of the day.
As it took us around 80 minutes to reach our second summit, Phil had made many contacts and was very glad of a break.  
The equipment was all set up so Andy and I wasted no time getting started.  Conditions were good and we soon made enough contacts for our second activation including one in Anglesey.  
By this time we were all getting a little chilly and we decided to start our descent back to the car for a nice hot cup of tea.
Many thanks to all stations who helped with our activation of Fan Gyhirych and Fan Nedd

View from Fan Gyhirych

Fan Gyhirych



                   Andy GW7RKC

Fan Nedd
from the south east
(our next port of call)

GPS Tracklog

Phil's log

Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:36z GW4SXA 144MHz FM 5/9+ PAUL
11:37z GW0SFI 144MHz FM 5/9+
11:38z MW6GNA 144MHz FM 5/9 ANGELA
11:39z GW0WLQ 144MHz FM 5/7 ROB IO81G0
11:42z GW6OVD/P 144MHz FM 5/9+ SUM SUM GWSW006
11:43z GW7RKC/P 144MHz FM 5/9+ SUM SUM GWSW006
11:51z 2E0YYY/P 144MHz FM 5/9+ GW/B 004
11:54z M0YDH 144MHz FM 5/9
11:55z M6GGZ 144MHz FM 5/9+ THOMAS
11:57z MW1AND/P 144MHz FM 5/9 MEL
11:59z G0RQL 144MHz FM 5/9 DON
12:00z M0IBC 144MHz FM 5/9+20DB DAVE @ DUDDLEY
12:02z G0LGS 144MHz FM STUART 5/5
12:04z MW6GWR/P 144MHz FM 5/2 NW063
12:07z G0BKU 144MHz FM 5/9
12:08z 2E0NVJ 144MHz FM 5/2
12:09z 2E0MDJ 144MHz FM 5/5 MATT
12:12z GW4VPX 144MHz FM 5/4 ALUN
12:13z MW3AVB 144MHz FM 5/9
12:15z M6JCE 144MHz FM 5/9 JULAN
12:20z 2W0GME 144MHz FM 5/7 GARETH
12:22z G0XCF 144MHz FM 5/9+ +15DB COLIN
12:33z GW1MNC 144MHz FM 5/9 ALEX

12:34z MW0CXH 144MHz FM 5/9 PETER
12:36z GW0VFF 144MHz FM 5/9 STEVE
12:39z M6PMZ/M 144MHz FM 5/7
12:40z G3XQE 144MHz FM KEN
13:02z 2W0XYL/P 144MHz FM 5/4 SUM SUM NW028
13:03z MW0IML 144MHz FM 4/2
13:15z M0TSD 144MHz FM STEVE 5/5
13:17z M0TSR 144MHz FM 5/5 SIMON CLUB CALL
13:18z MW0UAA 144MHz FM
13:25z GW7CSK 144MHz FM 5/9 DAVE
13:27z 2E0UHL 144MHz FM 5/5 MARK
13:32z G3XOB 144MHz FM DAVE 5/9

Friday, 15 February 2013


Dunkery Beacon - 519m, 2 points
Association: England  Region: South Central   
Latitude: 51 9 46 N, Longitude: 3 35 14 W
Grid Reference: SS 891415, QTH Locator: IO81ED 
Today's Sunrise: 07:24 UTC, Today's Sunset: 17:32 UTC

My starting point for today's activation is SS904 420.  Here there is parking for 5 or 6 cars and a well established path direct to the summit, which is 1.3Km away with just 70 meters of accent.
A very easy walk with great views across the moors and out over the Bristol Channel
A good site for VHF with plenty of room for antennas so it wasn't long before I managed to activate the summit.
There is an plaque at the summit showing direction and distance to many points of interest, one of which being Sugarloaf Mountain (SW-011) some 52 miles away which our group activated the previous weekend.
Many thanks to all stations listed below for their help in activating G/SC-001

Log for GW6OVD/P


Saturday, 9 February 2013


Summit Information for GW/SW-011
Sugar Loaf - 596m, 2 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   
Latitude: 51 51 46 N, Longitude: 3 3 30 W
Grid Reference: SO 272188, QTH Locator: IO81LU 

For this weekend’s activation the Aberdare Amateur Radio Society SOTA group decided to activate the ‘Sugar Loaf’ located near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire. The mountain is under the ownership of the National Trust and is a popular destination with walkers.

The group consisted of Mal (GW6OVD) , Phil (MW0PJJ) & friend Gareth Evans, and myself Andy (GW7RKC). We all met at Mal’s around 9.30, loaded up the kit and set off for our start point at SO268167. We arrived just before 10:30 and took advantage of the ample parking at this location. We wasted no time in getting our boots and packs on then started our journey toward the summit.

Top of the first incline, the river Usk is just visible
The first few hundred meters from the car par climbed reasonable steeply but quickly leveled out to a much gentler incline so we began to make good progress. 

The WX was quite reasonable considering the forecast had been poor and thankfully the rain held off. It was quite misty with low cloud but there were frequent breaks in the murk to permit beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

As we walked along the track we could see Sugar Loaf in the distance...

A mist shrouded Sugar Loaf

Mal & Phil , here comes the hard bit!

After we had walked less than 2km the path began to rise much more steeply as we progressed up the West side of the mountain.  

Mal is just visible at the top of this image!
By around 11.30 we had covered 2.7km and reached a summit completely shrouded in low cloud.

Sugar Loaf trig. point

This seemed to be quite a ‘busy’ summit so we elected to set-up away from the trig point to cause minimal obstruction to other hikers. 

Let the set-up begin...

Left to right - Phil (MW0PJJ), Mal (GW6OVD), Andy (GW7RKC)
We found a nice 'nook' on the North edge of the mountain which gave a great operating position , offering shelter from the cold wind. 

Gareth looks on as Phil works the pile-up!

We were soon operating and to our delight the QSO’s came rolling in aplenty! In no time at all we had got our 4 contacts each but the chaser stations were still piling up trying to contact us.  

The tripod, mast and 'Slim Jim' doing fine business...

By 13:00 hrs we all had full log pages and the cold was starting to get the better of us so we decided to call it a day.

I think I can speak for the group when I say this was a great day out and I’d like to extend our thanks to all the stations that called in and made this a successful and enjoyable activation.

73, and catch you on the next mountain,

Andy – GW7RKC

GPS Tracklog

Phils Log
Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
11:52 G8CMU 144MHz FM 5/9 MIKE
11:53 G4ILI 144MHz FM 5/9 grant
11:58 G3XQE 144MHz FM 5/9 KEN
12:03 M0MSW 144MHz FM 5/9 MARK
12:05 G0KHK/M 144MHz FM 5/9+ PAUL IO82XJ
12:15 G4NKU 144MHz FM 5/3 DAV
12:17 G0GRI 144MHz FM 5/9 IAN
12:19 2E0MDJ 144MHz FM 5/9 MATT
12:20 G7WBX/M 144MHz FM 5/9 MARTYN
12:21 G0ELJ 144MHz FM 5/7 DAVE
12:22 G3IRA 144MHz FM 5/7 IO91DM
12:29 G4WUH/M 144MHz FM 5/9 IAN