Saturday, 18 February 2012

GW/SW - 008

GW/SW 008 19/02/12. - Cefn yr Ystrad

Height  617M / 2024 ft
Grid reference SO087137

After de-icing the car and meeting at Mals QTH at 9.30AM. a twenty five minutes drive following the Sat Nav our path was blocked by a locked gate with three and a half miles left to drive.

Parking the car and using GPS summit details entered a trek of  3.1 km to the summit. Starting the assent the wind chill cutting into uncovered skin with flakes of snow! After climbing the first rise the summit still not visible the ground was hard going with streams, heather and rocks to clamber over. Actual route taken shown on map in blue line.

After the first forty minutes of walking the summit was finally in view far in the distance. arrival at the summit at 11.50Am.

The group consisted of Mal (GW6OVD), Phil (MW0PJJ), Andy (GW7RKC) & Corinne (map reader).

Setting up the radio Kenwood TM-V71E, Antenna MK2 Slim Jim built by Mal and making a cuppa. Many stations could be heard operating andf some SOTA summits could also be heard and it was very difficult to find a free frequency to operate on.

Contacts were made with


Summit to Summit contact with G8XYJ distance of 88 Km / 54 Miles on summit G/WB-002, on 5Watts of Power. Brown Clee Hill, Welsh Borders, 540 m, grid reference S0 593867.

Summit to Summit contact with MW6BWA distance of 21.2 Km / 13.1 Miles on summit GW/SW-006 on 5Watts of Power.  Fan Gyhirych 725m, grid reference SN 881191.

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