Saturday, 31 March 2012

GW/SW 029

GW/SW 029   31/03/12. - Foel Fynyddau

Height  370 M /  1214 ft
Grid reference SS 782936 

Today this summit was the first of two planned for activation. Arriving at the foot of the mountain where there is plenty of room for a few cars to park.

The path starts as a rocky road taking the first gate on the left (gate was open on the way up but was looked on the decent). There is a narrow path through a gate which then runs along side the forest on your right to the summit.
Where does this go !

Arriving at the summit where there is plenty of room a 2M beam & a 4M Slim Jim was set up, but not a match for the three masts which impose on the area. Contacts were soon made and was able to activate the summit. At the summit the views of the surrounding area where you can see all of Swansea Bay and the industrial views of the Port Talbot steel works a summit well worth a visit.
Last of the summer wine !!!

Mobile station !!!

2M Contacts made with


4M Contacts made with

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