Saturday, 3 March 2012

GW/SW - 034

GW/SW 034   3/03/12. - Garth Hill

Height  307M / 1007 ft
Grid reference SO 103835

An early morning start with a poor weather forecast we did not expect to see blue sky. The drive to the foot of the hill where there is enough room for three cars to park. A step ascent for the first 200 metres where the path levels out to a gentle slope until the summit. A plaque can be found on the local history near the summit. With fantastic views of Cardiff bay, local valleys & the channel.
Castell Coch in the distance

Setting up the antenna was made difficult by the strong wind. Lucky that an extra length of coax was available to allow the radio to be positioned on the side of the summit sheltering us from the wind.

Contacts were made with Cardiff, Pontypridd, Aberdare and Brecon stations.

During the visit one of the contact stations commented that the last time he had visited the hill he had lost his shoe in the mud!  If you should find a very old shoe then the owner GW0PLN would love to be re-united with it.

Here comes the rain
Weather forecast was spot on SHOWERS! This was possibly the fastest decent down the mountain we have ever had with hail-stones upon us, as we packed up with the chill of the wind, making the car a very welcome sight .   
View of Cardiff Bay

Contacts made with

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