Saturday, 27 October 2012

GW/SW 030

Summit Information for GW/SW-030

Mynydd Machen - 362m, 1 point

Association: Wales Region: South Wales
Latitude: 51 36 12 N, Longitude: 3 7 24 W
Grid Reference: ST 223900, QTH Locator: IO81KO
Sat. 27/10/2012
                        The road access to the starting
                         point at ST216 907 from the
                            valley below is very steep and
                           narrow and should be avoided
                           if there is any snow or ice about.

From here the track is quite

steep but its less than a mile

to the summit

                       Fantastic view of the channel
                       from the summit and plenty of
                       room for antennas


Mal operating on 14Mhz  psk31

View of the valley towards Ynysddu 

Phil's Log (MW0PJJ)
Time Call Band Mode Notes
10:25z GW0UHO 144MHz FM 05-Sep
10:30z GW0SFI 144MHz FM 05-Sep
10:40z MW6BWA/P 144MHz FM SUMMIT - SUMMIT 033
10:50z MW0JLA/P 144MHz FM SUMMIT - SUMMIT 033
11:05z G0LGS 144MHz FM STUART
11:06z G8XYJ/P 144MHz FM WB 011
11:07z G8XYJ/P 144MHz SSB SSB
11:08z 2W0ZJA 144MHz SSB  
11:20z G0RQL 144MHz SSB 5/7 DON IO70UV
11:27z G4SMD 144MHz SSB DAVID 5/9
11:30z G4WTF 144MHz SSB 05-May

Mal's Log (GW6OVD)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
10:27 GW0UHO 144MHz FM Peter
10:37 PA3GJU 14MHz Other PSK31
10:42 GW0SFI 144MHz FM Baz
10:45 MW6BWA 144MHz FM Viki
11:03 DM6WAN 14MHz Other PSK31
11:07 DL8ARJ 14MHz Other PSK31
11:10 ON3ML 14MHz Other PSK31
11:30 CT1ETP 14MHz Other PSK31
11:35 PD2PDX 14MHz Other PSK31
11:41 EC5JC 14MHz Other PSK31

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