Sunday, 21 October 2012

GW/SW- 038

GW/SW 038 20/10/12. - Mynydd Drumau
 Height 272M / 893ft, 1 Point
Grid reference - SN725002. Locator- IO81BQ


Best contact of the day was RK9AN @ 4363 miles (7023Km)
Our working conditions
FT817 ND @ 5W
Inverted V dipole with centre at around 7M
Powered by a 7Ah sealed lead acid slab.
Very pleasing result for our first portable PSK31 activation

There is a forest road mostly up to the summit. With a small area to park a car ( SN730 003 ). The last 100 M climb takes about 25 Min to the summit crossing over a fence leading to the trig point.

Nearly there

 There is a pleanty of room to setup equipment. with a stone wall to provide some shelter from the wind. Take care as the wild life and free.

I can type one handed !!
PSK 31 kit

Antennas for 144 & 14 mhz



I think this is the bit that Phil likes best


11:02z MW0TOX/P 144MHz FM
11:06z GW0SFI 144MHz FM
11:09z 2W0ZJA 144MHz FM
11:14z GW4SXA 144MHz FM
11:33z G0NKZ 144MHz FM
11:47z GW3LXI/P 144MHz FM
12:00z MW3DLA 144MHz FM
12:24z MW5VOC 144MHz FM
12:35z GW6DGU 144MHz FM

 My logs for Activation. (Phil) MW0PJJ

Mal's log
Time Call Band Mode Notes
11:03z MW0TOX 144MHz FM Baz
11:07z MW0SFI 144MHz FM BAZ
11:07z GW4SXA 144MHz FM Paul
11:11z 2W0ZJA 144MHz FM Dave
11:32z DL8ARJ 14MHz Other PSK31
11:41z RK9AN 14MHz Other PSK31
11:50z DC2XX 14MHz Other PSK31
11:58z SK0TM 14MHz Other PSK31
12:03z DL6CMF 14MHz Other PSK31
12:16z F5ICW 14MHz Other PSK31
12:39z IN3GNV 14MHz Other PSK31


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