Monday, 23 February 2015

GW/SW-003 Fan Brycheiniog

Summit Information for 
GW/SW-003  Fan Brycheiniog 
 802m, 8 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   
Latitude: 51 52 56 N, Longitude: 3 42 30 W
Grid Reference: SN 825218, QTH Locator: IO81DV 
Today's Sunrise: 07:10 UTC, Today's Sunset: 17:45 UTC 

Saturday 14th Feb.  GW6OVD/P & GW7RKC/P

It's been a very busy couple of months since my last post in October and it doesn't look like things are about to change any time soon.  Never the less I've still managed to squeeze a few activation's in and now its time to get the blog going again.
Today Andy (GW7RKC) and I set off for one of our favorite summits, Fan Brycheiniog  SW-003.  This summit has an amazing view over the lake and the valley below,  or so I am told! This is my forth activation of SW-003 but on every previous visit visibility has been very poor.
As we arrived at our usual parking spot SN 852 217 the WX was not looking very promising. Visibility was down to 100m and it was raining.  Drawing on past experience I decided to ditch the walking boots in favor of wellies as the approach to the lake is wet under foot at the best of times and we've  had quite a lot of rain recently.

As we approached the frozen edge of Llyn Y Fan Fawr the rain had stopped but visibility was down to about 20m.  From here the path climbs steeply to the summit 200m above, As a lot of work has recently been done to improve the path it should have been an easy climb, but recent deep snow drifts on the face of the mountain had totally obscured the path.

We carefully made our way up but with no path or footprints to follow it took us a further half hour to reach the summit.  Once there We took advantage of the cairn to get out of the cold wind and got the kit set up for a 2m activation.


Andy working a S2S contact with Viki, MW6BWA/P       who was up on Cordon Hill  GW/MW-013.
We were also lucky enough to work S2S with Allan GW4VPX/P who was on Drygarn Fawr, GW/MW-003
and Rod M0JLA/P on MW-013
Along with many of our regular contacts and some new ones it all came together to make a very enjoyable day.

The visibility did improve briefly giving us a glimpse of lake Liyn Y Fan Fawr 200m below but it wasn't to last.

 Date:14/Feb/2015 Summit:GW/SW-003 (Fan Brycheiniog) Call Used:GW6OVD/P

11:34zGW4VPX/P144MHzFMAllan S2S GW/MW-003
11:38zMW6BWA/P144MHzFMViki S2S GW/MW013
11:39zMW0JLA/P144MHzFMRoy S2S GW/MW-013

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