Sunday, 1 March 2015


Summit Information for 
GW/SW-004  Waun Rydd - 769m, 6 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   
Latitude: 51 52 33 N, Longitude: 3 21 50 W
Grid Reference: SO 062206, QTH Locator: IO81HV 
Today's Sunrise: 06:56 UTC, Today's Sunset: 17:54 UTC 

Today's route starts at the small car park at 
SO 056-175 where there is parking for about 20 cars.  Starting at 420m asl the path to the north climbs steeply and before you've covered  a kilometer your up at 640m asl.

From here the path flattens out and the remainder of the climb to the 759m summit is quite gradual. 

After you cross the stream and follow the ridge around to the north east the view of the valley below is spectacular.

There's still a little snow hanging on in the hollows but most has been washed away by the recent rain and higher temperatures
The small cairn at the summit didn't offer any shelter from the very strong south west wind that was blowing but after struggling with the antennas for a while we finally found a spot to settle down.  As we switched on we immediately heard Allan (GW4VPX) who was on a nearby summit (GW/SW012) After we both had Allan in the log and a quick qsy to 40m we also worked Barry (MW0IML) who was on a 4 day visit to activate some SW summits with Allan.  After a 20 minutes working some of our regulars on 2m, we were battered by a heavy hail storm.  We sat it out for a while, but as there was no end in sight we decided to call it a day and start our way back to the car.  The storm continued for a further 40 minutes alternating from hail to snow so I think we made a wise choice.  Many thanks to all who helped with our activation of Waun Rhyd today.
Mal (GW6OVD) & Andy (GW7RKC)

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