Monday, 7 January 2013


Summit Information for GW/SW-005

Fan Fawr - 734m, 6 points

Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   

Latitude: 51 51 45 N, Longitude: 3 29 49 W

Grid Reference: SN 970193, QTH Locator: IO81GU 

Car park at starting point SN 982 203 (Storie Arms)

I arrived at the Storey Arms car park at around 0930 and headed south west until I picked up the foot path at SN 974 196.  Nice and firm under foot, except for one small area around half way.  The path rises steeply from here, then eases off again as you approach the summit where there is a small cairn.  
WX on top was better than expected with a light breeze yet visibility was down to 50m.
I set up a small mast on a tripod for the first time, but it seemed a unstable at first. 
 I hung an bag  beneath it and added a few rocks which made all the difference.

It seemed very quiet on 2m and I only had 9 contacts in the hour or so I spent there but as 
I had good reports back from all stations I'm happy all the kit was working as it should. 

As visibility started to decrease by this tine  I decided to start making my way back down to Storey Arms
Many thaks to all thoes who helped with my activation of Wayn Fach GW/SW 005
73 Mal GW6OVD


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