Saturday, 12 January 2013


Craig y Llyn - 600m, 4 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales   
Latitude: 51 43 0 N, Longitude: 3 35 0 W
Grid Reference: SN 907032, QTH Locator: IO81FR  

For this activation Andy GW7RKC, Phil MW0PJJ and Ian who is a foundation student met up at the starting point at SN 921 024 where there is parking for 5 or 6 cars, and started making their way towards the summit.  
I arrived around 45 minutes later as I had just completed a long night shift and needed to grab a couple of hours sleep.  
The assent to Craig Y Llyn is very straightforward by this route with a forestry track all the way and just 115m to climb making it ideal for a bad weather activation.  
There is now a manned security barrier a couple of hundred meters from the main entrance due to the construction work that has just started.  They are building a new wind farm that will soon dominate the skyline so beware of  construction traffic. 
The track then goes around to the right past the construction compound and on to within 100 meters of the summit.  
The summit itself is hidden in the trees and very ease to miss, so watch out for the memorial on the left of the track as this is where you need to turn right.  
At the time of writing there was a fallen tree across the entrance making it even harder to spot.
The activation  itself was successful if a little disappointing with very few VHF stations heard. 
The weather on top was very cold with intermittent snow showers making operating a little challenging and it wasn't long before we all decided it was time to get back to the cars for a nice hot cup of tea.
Many thanks to all stations that helped with our activation of 
SW-010 Craig Y Llyn 



GPS Track Log


For more photos of Craig Y Liyn click here

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