Monday, 25 February 2013

GW/SW 009 & 015

Mynydd Llangorse (GW/SW-015) - 515m, 2 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales  
Latitude: 51 55 56 N, Longitude: 3 13 28 W
Grid Reference: SO 159267, QTH Locator: IO81JW

Mynydd Troed (GW/SW-009) - 609m, 4 points
Association: Wales  Region: South Wales  
Latitude: 51 57 21 N, Longitude: 3 12 54 W
Grid Reference: SO 166293, QTH Locator: IO81JW 

For this weekends activation the Aberdare Amateur Radio Society SOTA group decided to do a 'double' activation of Mynydd Troed and Mynydd Llangorse. These are situated next to each other and located in the Black Mountains region of the Brecon Beacons National Park (Approx 2 miles North East of the village of Llangorse) . Present at the activations were Mal (GW6OVD) and Andy (GW7RKC).

We set out from our start point in Aberdare at around 9.30 am. And arrived at the parking site for the summits (SO 16072 28330) at around 10:30. The final approach to this parking is by narrow country lanes which had several patches of treacherous ice caused by water runoff from nearby fields so caution is advised. Limited parking is available on both sides of the road.

View back toward car park, Mynydd Troed in distance

We wasted no time in getting our kit together and set off toward the peak of Mynydd Llangorse.

Mal on the trail to SW015
This was the lower of the two summits at 534 meters (2 points) and has a fairly steep but well defined path which made for rapid progress.

Nearing the summit, view to South East
 Weather conditions were overcast and a cool -1 degrees although fortunately dry with no rain forecast all day.

Mal operating on SW-015
We reached the summit just before 11am and found a convenient dip in the terrain which served to shelter us from the cold wind which invariably exists on peaks at this time of year. We quickly set up our groundsheets and equipment and were soon operating the station.

Business was brisk with plenty of stations calling in including summit to summit contacts from Mike (2E0YYY/P) on G/SP-004 (Shining Tor) and Barry (MW0IML/P) on GW/NW-047 (Mwdwl-eithin). By mid-day we had full log pages and being aware that we still had another summit to do we decided to pack up and make our way back to the car park. There we had some refreshments and set off toward the summit of Mynydd Troed.

The approach to this mountain starts with a gentle slope but rapidly becomes very steep and frequent breaks were required to catch our breath, steady progress was made and we arrived at the summit around 13:00 hrs.

Looking back at Mynydd Langorse (on right) from Mynydd Troed

Again we scouted around and found another dip in the terrain which would give some respite from the cold wind, without this we would have much less time to operate before we got too cold.

Operating on Mynydd Troed, a smattering of snow is visible on the ground.

Business was again brisk and we activated in no time. A particular highlight for me was a trio of summit to summit contacts with Gordon (M0OMG) on G/SP-017 (Billinge Hill),  Mike (2E0YYY/P) on G/SP-004 (Shining Tor) and  Andy (G4AFI/P) on G/WB-003 (Stiperstones).

As always we'd like to thank all the stations that helped us with our activation.

Andy - GW7RKC

View roughly South from Mynydd Troed toward Mynydd Llangorse and Llangorse Lake

My Logs for the activations

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