Tuesday, 5 November 2013

GW/MW-022 & 023

Summit Information for GW/MW-023
Carneddau - 445m, 1 point
Association: Wales  Region: Mid Wales   
Latitude: 52 11 13 N, Longitude: 3 21 42 W
Grid Reference: SO 070552, QTH Locator: IO82HE 
Today's Sunrise: 07:15 UTC, Today's Sunset: 16:38 UTC 

Not what I would call a day to remember, just about anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong and out of the three activation I had planned, I only manage two.
I just about managed to park at the start point (SO603 559) without blocking access or obstructing the narrow lane but it was very tight.  From here I followed the bridal path south, through the second gate and followed the fence line up the hill.  At the point the fence takes a sharp turn to the left I headed south again, skirting around the first hill and then around to the east towards the summit of Carneddau.   Don't be fooled, there is a second summit nearby with the same name and a trig point at SO 063 545 but the one we want is at  SO070 552.
Due to the high winds at the summit, I decided against putting up the HF antenna and went for a VHF only activation.  Contacts were few and far between and as I made the forth and qualifying one the heavens opened so I beat a hasty retreat back to the car.

Date:05/Nov/2013 Summit:GW/MW-023 (Carneddau) Call Used:GW6OVD/P 


Summit Information for GW/MW-022
Aberedw Hill - 451m, 1 point
Association: Wales  Region: Mid Wales   
Latitude: 52 8 48 N, Longitude: 3 20 24 W
Grid Reference: SO 084507, QTH Locator: IO82HD

I began my second activation of the day at SO905 498 but the parking is very limited and it took a couple of attempts to tuck the car tight into the fence where it wouldn't cause anyone a problem. 
From here I headed north west in petty much a straight line towards the summit.  Quite steep at first, but after a few hundred meters the gradient eases off and it becomes much easier going.  
The trig point is raised slightly on a grassy mound so I set up to one side of the mound for a little shelter. 
The wind had dropped a little compared to the first summit but was still fairly brisk.
Again contacts were few and far between and with no network coverage I couldn't even self spot.
After just over an hour I decider to head off to the next summit (MW025) and made my way down the hill.
As I arrived at Begwns the heavens opened once again so I made the decision to call it a day and head off home. 

Date:05/Nov/2013 Summit:GW/MW-022 (Aberedw Hill) Call Used:GW6OVD/P 


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